Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels.


Ivana Robović is the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Kingdom of Belgium.

- University of Mostar, Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Philological Sciences, English and Croatian Language and Literature: 1999-2004
- Chamber of Economy/Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Certificate of Completion for the presidents and members of supervisory boards in state owned companies: 2015
- Professor of English and Croatian Language and Literature
- Member of Democratic Front since it was founded in 2013 - Member of the first Presidency of Democratic Front from 2014 until the first Congress of Democratic Front
- Elected in the Presidency of Democratic Front
- Appointed Vice-President of the Party
- Worked with Political Academia of Democratic Front on Educational/ Curricular Reform which was the incorporated in the Political Programme of the Party as a solution for burning issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Elections 2014.
- Member of the Political Academia, Gender Equality Board
- Coordinator of Secondary Education Board at Political Academia
- Non-Profit Breast Cancer Organization "Bistrica" Livno
- Member of the Red Cross
- Active participation in humanitarian activities of raising funds for chronically ill people in my local community
- Active participation in fundraising for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina affected by the floods in 2014
- Cooperation with NGO Li-Woman (organization promoting human rights, especially women's rights)
- Active member of Cantonal Education Workers' Syndicate



Rue de I'Industrie 22,
1040 Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium Tel. (322) 502-0188 Fax (322) 644-3254
   E-mail: info@bhembassy.be