Traveling Certificate

Transfer of Human remains from USA to Bosnia and Herzegovina


To apply for Travel document you need to submit:

  1. Completed application for Travel document (You may find application on our website);

  1. Proof of Citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Original document only (Not to be older then 6 months);

  1. Birth certificate. Original document only (Not to be older then 6 months);

  1. Two photos ( dimensions 3.5x4.5cm) set by ICAO standards;

  2. Travel document fee payable by money order to Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Issuing of Travel document

-Travel document is issued only to Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-Travel document is only issued in emergency and exceptional cases.

-Travel document is only valid to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina one way.

-Travel document is only valid for 30 days.



  1. If the deceased was a holder of a valid BiH passport, did not die of any contagious disease, and under the understanding that the deceased had not been buried in Belgium or Netherlands, the Embassy may issue the certificate for the transfer of deceaseds human remains without a consent from competent bodies of BiH upon submitting of the following documents:
  • Filled out application form for the certificate for the transfer of human remains.

  • Copy of the deceased's valid BiH passport.

  • Medical Certificate of Death

  • Death Certificate from issuing authority.

  • Certification from the Funeral Home that the human remains had not been buried and that the casket, with the remains, has been prepared for shipment according to international standards.

  • Proof of legal residence in Belgium or Netherlands

  • Money Order or Business Cheque fee payable to Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (no personal cheques).


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